About: Dr Sylvia Mary Haslam

Dr S.M. Haslam was a fresh water ecologist in the Department of Plant Sciences at the Universities of Cambridge and Malta, before officially retiring in 2015. She is still writing books, as this new series shows.

“The study of water in the landscape is a new and rapidly expanding field. Rivers make riverscapes, even if the rivers are frozen, and riverscapes then determine the rivers: except for the ever-increasing human impact. Dr Haslam examines how the quantity, function and ecology of water changes as it moves from watershed to river. The development of rivers and riverscapes, their ecology, the effect of human activities (such as water abstraction, flood control and management for recreational use) and water resources.…[in Europe] Iceland, Hungary, Malta, Britain and the USA, which enables understanding of how water and riverscape interact with each other and with human impact.…example of Malta, whose clean water now depends solely on oil imports.…”

Excerpt from frontispiece. The Riverscape and the River (see below).

A few publications on Rivers written by Dr S. M. Haslam. (Full list accessible at: www.riversandreeds.co.uk)