About: Tina Bone

Tina was told by her primary school teacher (Miss Treleven) in 1957: “You could be an artist when you grow up”, and has never thought she could not draw and paint purely by that little statement when just a child of seven years. After painting all her life as a hobby, Tina decided to become professional so that the burning feeling she felt of needing to be creative could be extinguished. Ultimately, the flame grew bigger and the feeling is more elevated to a point where she suffers “withdrawal symptoms” if she does not paint or draw often!

Initially veering towards botanical illustration Tina attended several courses with the Continuing Education courses run by the University of Cambridge at Madingley Hall which resulted in receiving points towards a degree. However, after taking too long to “cash in” her points, she missed the boat and the points had to be discarded! Not phased by this, in 2008 she was successful in becoming an Associate member of the Society of Botanical Artists, winning a Certificate of Botanical Merit in 2010. But it was not for her and she ceased membership after 2015. However, in November 2017 Tina was delighted to be elected a member of the Iceni Botanical Artists, whose rules are not quite so rigid and it is nearer to her home.

Tina works mostly with water colour, but also dabbles with oil, polychromos oil pencils, and graphite, only working with acrylic under duress—”I find it is like painting with liquid plastic!”

Whenever possible, Tina paints life-size using live specimens or resource photographs she has taken herself, and from memory. She relies on many friends and acquaintances to let her use their fabulous photographs from wider travels, and she would never be able to paint exotic flora and fauna were it not for their kindness and generosity. A list of these nice people (minus those who prefer to be anonymous) is listed Here

All Tina’s artwork and history can be viewed on her website:
Tina’s Fine Art.uk


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Part Resumé of Tina Bone, Professional Artist. Natural History, Botanical Illustrator. Also specialising in Illuminated Letters with gold leaf.

January 2016 to Present

  • July 2021: From the RHS – “I am delighted to inform you that following the meeting of Botanical Art Judging Panel on 8 July, your botanical artwork has been accepted for exhibition at the RHS Shows.” [2022–2026] 
  • May 2021: Selected for Institute of East Anglian Artists 2021 Online Open Exhibition, Holt Gallery. (“An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge”)
  • April 2021: Selected for (EWA) National Exhibition of Wildlife Art 2021 (July 2021 to June 2022 ONLINE EXHIBITION – eight paintings – Artist Codes: 2017, 1514, 2012, 1501, 1609, 1903, 1902, 1910).
  • April 2021:  Song Thrushes in Ivy painting featured on poster and in Royston Crow write-up for Royston Arts Society 2021 Online Exhibition.
  • March 2021: Production and presentation of Online Workshop for Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. Sunday 28th March 2.00–4.30pm. “Learn-and-Try: Botanical Art”. Included videos and stills, plus live narration on the day. Workshop was totally booked (30 students) within a few days of released notification.
  • January 2021. I have updated and published my Catalogue of Artwork, Vol. 1 and 2. It is free to download HERE.
  • December 2020: Published sixth book in the River Friend Series. RFS6. An Introduction to the WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE. (28 Illustrations, Paperback 60pp. ISBN 978 1 9162096 3 3).
  • October 2020: Published fifth book in the River Friend Series. RFS5. REED—ON THE EDGE (60 Illustrations, Paperback 48pp. ISBN 978 1 9162096 4 0)
  • October 2020: Blue and Gold Macaws (Artist Code 1501) chosen by Royston Arts Society to be on the online exhibition poster (with several others!)
  • June 2020: Published fourth book in the River Friend Series. RFS4. Interpret: What do Plants tell us? (130 Illustrations, Paperback 58pp. ISBN 978 1 9162096 5 7).
  • June 2020: Artist Code 1604 Received Highly Commended award in the Painters Online competition: The Artist and Leisure Painter (TALP) Open 2020 competition The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines in partnership with Patchings Art Centre.
  • May 2020: Artist Code 1602 chosen to front VE Day Video at Ely Cathedral.Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe. It is the day which marks the formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces in 1945, bringing an end to the devastating war in Europe. Ely Cathedral with its tower and lantern proved an invaluable navigation aid to aircraft both Allied and German during the Second World War. Today the Cathedral is the home of the Roll of Honour which lists the names of 19,000 RAF airmen who flew from the surrounding airfields and 24 officers and 760 other ranks from local regiments who lost their lives. The building is still a sign of the Christian faith as a guiding light to the world of today and a memorial to so many who have given their lives. May their memory and that witness long continue. Due to COVID-19, VE Day services and events across the UK and beyond have had to be cancelled or postponed. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to join us in both prayer and celebration led by the Dean of Ely, The Very Reverend Mark Bonney. Painting of Lancaster Bomber Flying Over Ely Cathedral (Picture Profile) – Credit Tina Bone.
  • December 2019: Published third book in the River Friend Series (co-authoring with Dr S.M. Haslam). RFS3. A Prologue to the Series. This Book is a Prologue to the whole River Friend Series which assists the reader in identifying common UK aquatic plants and provides explanations regarding freshwater plants and terminology mentioned throughout the series.
  • December 2019: 10th—Interviewed at home by Thordis Fridriksson (BBC Radio Cambridge and Norfolk, Twitter: @Thunderfairy). We discussed my botanical artwork and little wild garden. Scheduled to be aired after New Year 2020: programme 3.00–4.00pm Monday to Friday.
  • November 2019: Interviewed by Christopher South on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s “Great Outdoors” programme, 17th November 2019. Link to my Blog about the experience.
  • October 2019: “Three’s a Crowd, Sir!”, Artist Code 1910, was selected for a Top Twenty Artist award at the 2019 Cambridge Open Art Exhibition. It was featured in a special display at the Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington, Cambridge from 24th October to 22nd November 2019.
  • September 2019: Published first two books in the River Friend Series (co-authoring with Dr S.M. Haslam). RFS1. Drying Up; RFS2. Stream Story 1.
  • August 2019: “Robin and Mistletoe” painting featured in the Swaffham Visual Arts Festival 2019 Brochure.
  • May 2019: Wednesday 8th May 2019. My first effort at tutoring a painting workshop at the Corn Hall Diss, Norfolk. The class was limited to 10 students and 9 arrived on the day. A great day and most encouraging from a “teaching” perspective. View Blog of the day. Testimonial: “Thank you so much for a lovely lovely day, such a joy and you taught us so well, were so encouraging and also got round us all. Thank you for sending the invaluable resource cards, which as I said, I think would make lovely cards in themselves. I hope you now do more teaching as I will enjoy carrying on painting.”
  • January 2019: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists Winter competition (“The Grandchildren” – Artist Code 1403).
  • November 2018: Featured in the Royston Crow as Selected Artist to showcase Foxton Art Exhibition 2018. Details Here
  • October 2018: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists “Autumn” competition (Leaves and Fungi – Artist Code 1811).
  • September 2018: Certificate of Artistic Excellence (Highly Commended) Society of all Artists “Eyes” competition (Monty – Artist Code 1603).
  • January 2018: Published PDF of my second Catalogue of Artwork commencing with artworks from January 2016. Free Download here.
  • November 2017. Received an invitation to apply for membership of the Iceni Botanical Artists group. Elected unanimously.
  • November 2016 to December 2017 I had a year’s sabbatical – so no paintings produced and no exhibitions attended.
  • December 2016. White Lily painting being used in the decorative packaging for a new product from Grace Cole: Rose & Lily Luxury Floral Duo. Link to the picture history: http://tinasfineart.uk/picture-profile-0005-white-lilies
  • 12th August 2016. BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Received a request from Joshua Kelly to join in a discussion regarding Bird Photography versus Bird Illustration. Unfortunately I was away so was unable to take part in this kind invitation.
  • Received notification that I may use an accreditation logo of the Patchings Art Festival 2016 as I had a piece selected for the exhibition in The Artist category. View logo and details here.
  • 28th June 2016. Peaches and Blossoms featured in Creative Coverage’s July 2016 Newsletter, advertising the 2016 Exhibition at Hinchingbrooke. (Creative Coverage – publicity for professional artists and Craftspeople, July 2016, p.1) Published in Creative Coverage Newsletter.
  • 18th June 2016. Three paintings featured on BBC Look East (Art4Africa Exhibition, Keysoe): There was a little film viewable until 7.30pm 19th June. My pink hollyhock picture; the Red Kites by Watts Wood, and my Pint of Science painting of 2015: The Guardians of the Mangrove Oyster.
  • April 2016: Joined with Dr Alex Copley (Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge) to produce an artwork to complement his lecture under the Pint of Science series. The topic was earthquakes and I produced an illumination with real gold leaf. (Purchased by Dr Copley – which was very nice.) View some progress pictures and the final artwork here.
  • Book Launch, Trinity College, Cambridge, 21st April 2016. My hand drawn maps had been published in the book: The Bengal Diaspora: Rethinking Muslim migration by Claire Alexander, Joya Chatterji and Annu Jalais (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series) Published 2016 by Routledge, 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN and 711 Third Avenue,  New York, NY 10017,  USA. Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business. Hardback ISBN: 978-0-415-53073-6; Kindle/Ebook ISBN 978-1-315-66006-6. Acknowledgements: …Tina Bone drew the maps with her characteristic combination of accuracy and art.… The book may be purchased from Amazon.
  • March 2016: Received a nice letter from TAPC (The Artists’ Publishing Company Ltd – The Artist and Leisure Painter Magazines) to say that my submission: “An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge” has been accepted in the Artist Category for the Patchings Art Centre, Barn Gallery, 2016 Exhibition.
  • Jackson’s Open Art Prize Competition 2016. One of my paintings, Artist code 1516, has been selected for the online “Jackson Open Art Prize 2016 – Long list“. “We received an incredible 3100 entries, showing off amazing technique, subject matter, sensitivity, imagination, innovation, and skill. The standard of work made reducing them to the ‘long-list’ of 410 very difficult indeed.”
  • 1 February 2016: Featured Artist of the Week (1–5 February 2016). Cowling and Wilcox. Q&A feature and artworks shown on Instagram page (@cowlingandwilcox). View full interview here.
  • January 2016: To celebrate ten years as a professional artist (2005 to 2015), I have published online my “Catalogue of Artwork, Volume I” containing my work over the last decade for everyone to share. You can download it FREE here Download Catalogue of Artwork, Volume 1. The Volume comprises 96pp and shows over 140 artworks, averaging 14 paintings a year over the ten years, as well as a short script about each work, some with poems for the paintings that have been used in calendars or books I have published.

To view Resumé entries From 1965 to December 2015 please visit Tina’s Website: http://tinasfineart.uk/publications/