The Series will probably have 17 titles when it is complete. As at August 2020, FOUR books are published and available to order; five are in penultimate draft, awaiting illustrations, and eight are abstracts to be expanded.

INTERPRET: What do Plants tell us? • River Friend Series BOOK 4 • ISBN 978 1 9162096 5 7 Paperback 60pp. (130 Illustrations)
Can you tell your Sagittaria sagittifolia from your Apium nodiflorum? Who knows or cares? Well, botanists have to care, but the rest of us rarely need to. Most people like to just walk along a river bank. Do you ever notice the plants living there, and in the water?
Price: £7.50 plus postage and packing.

“A PROLOGUE TO THE SERIES: Plant Identification and Glossary of Terms” • River Friend Series BOOK 3 • ISBN 978-1-9162096-2-6 Paperback 60pp. (112 Illustrations) (Series Terminology and References.)
“Linnaeus” and all that…. This is not just a little book about plants, it is specifically about water plants (aquatics). “Rivers-Language” can be strange, so the terminology is explained. Latin and English names are listed with lots of illustrations showing the 70 or so most common water plants in the UK. Although this can be a pocket-size identification field manual for those who like to strut by rivers and streams, it is also a reference guide for the rest of the little books in the River Friend Series.
Price: £7.50 plus postage and packing.

Drying Up” • River Friend Series BOOK 1 • ISBN 978-1-9162096-1-9 Paperback 44pp. (35 Illustrations)
What is the worst that can happen to a river? That it vanishes, and all its life vanishes with it: the people, the plants, the animals—not just the fish, but the crops, the cattle, the forests, the everything. All are made mostly of water. It is the natural fresh water in the land, derived from rain, which supports and sustains us. By over-abstracting, polluting, and damaging our wonderful, unique rivers and streams, they now support a fraction of the life that they should.
Price: £7.50 plus postage and packing.

STREAM STORY I: A Riveting Riverscape—River Brue, Somerset • River Friend Series BOOK 2 • 978-1-9162096-0-2 Paperback 52pp. (54 Illustrations)
This little book tells a tale of the “Brue Valley Riverscape” in Somerset, England. First mentioned as the River Siger with swamps and myriad waterways, myths and legends still abound—the Romans, King Arthur, feuding bishops, the wonder of Wells, cold harbours, and disappearing waters. Build an industrial picture from Roman times by studying the illustrations and maps—such a fascinating journey for just one river, both physically and culturally.
Price: £7.50 plus postage and packing.

Other books in the Series include:
Vegetation Changes Over Time. Is there FREEZE FRAME? (ISBN 978 1 9162096 6 4)
REED—ON THE EDGE (ISBN 978 1 9162096 4 0)
An Introduction to the WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE (ISBN 978 1 9162096 3 3)
WATER: Clean and Dirty
STREAM STORY II: A Brook in Transit: Bourn Brook, Cambs
CHANGE: What a disaster!
How to Lose Fresh Water in Under Two Centuries. The Example of MALTA

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