Book 4 in the River Friend Series just published today!

A new book in the River Friend Series: INTERPRET: What do Plants tell us? has just been published today.

Cover of Book 4, just published. There are 130 pen and ink and colour illustrations accompanying the text.
Berula erecta, a really fascinating plant. Colour plate from Book 4
Nuphar lutea. One of the Pen and Ink illustrations

There are now four published titles for River Lovers available to purchase from the River Friend Website, or from retail outlets such as Amazon. Trade can apply through the Ingram Spark Catalogue and Wholesale outlets.

Rivers are vital. They bring freshwater to the land, on which all its life depends. They are beautiful and fascinating, making up both the typical British countryside and many of its most spectacular views. If they vanished, what hardship and outrage there would be! Yet, slowly, slowly, they are vanishing, the larger stream becomes smaller, the tiny brook becomes a ditch and dries, and is filled in—the small ditches get polluted and dug out, become dull, and vanish from sight and consciousness. How can we save our rivers and riverscapes? How can we raise awareness on this slow, almost invisible loss?

This Series of handy, small books, is suitable for readers from late-teenage upwards and is intended help to raise awareness. Individually, each book tells a story on a particular riverine and riparian environment. Collectively, the series informs, in a simple and effective manner, the invaluable worth of freshwater and its plants.